December 6th, 2011

I would first like to say that I could not pick a scene from the movie.  The film in its entirety is a flashback so to me the clip I would choose is the entire film.  I feel that this movie was amazing and captivating.  The name of the film is “D.O.A”, it was wonderfullyproduced by Leo C. Popkin and directed by Rudolph Mate in 1950 by United Artists.  This movie is also in a film noir classic genre.

The movie was shot in the streets of San Francisco, California, and was a stolen shot, which means they had no city permits to film the movie. Which I think sets the scene right within its element.  The surrounding buildings and people the entire atmosphere for the film is genuine. In turn during the film when the actors would bump into people they really where city civilians.  I think that this is one of the reasons why this movie was so striking real to me.

Because I can’t choose a scene I am going to quickly analysis a few of my favorites.

The first shot I would like to mention first is the opening scene. Which is a medium, handheld shot of the main character Frank walking towards and into a police station’s homicide office, with the camera facing the back of his head and upper back. This is a fantastic and genius way to open the film to the audience because not only is it the opening scene it is also where the actors names and title of the movie appear in large white print.  It sets the stage of curiosity for the entire film, like wondering where and why. (0:00min-1:24min)

Also here’s the next scene, the scene when the flashback begins and we are introduced to the two main characters Frank and Paula.  After Paula finds out that Frank wants to go on vacation without her she storms off in her office.  The scene when he enters her office is quite rare shot in my opinion, the male.  The director really captured Frank’s emotions in the close and close-up shots when he’s trying to get Paula’s attention and affection, instead it of having the close-up on Paula.  Also Paula’s gaze to me was full of so much emotion that it had me feeling bad for a character without even knowing who she was in the film. The female gaze is just as powerful as the male gaze in my opinion. Her gaze to me told a story of their history together as he told her reasons why he needs to go alone, and she untimely melts in his arms, kisses him and he asks her out for a drink and reply’s casually “Why not?”. Its tells me they have a history together. This to me showed me that she was head over heel in love with him, forgiving and was easily persuaded by him. All with just a gaze. (4:40min-6:46min)


Another scene was further in the movie when he discovers that he been infected with the luminous poison and he runs out of the hospital.  The running scenes are classic the way they fade in an out, overlapping and having different backgrounds while still maintaining the actors speed throughout the entire scene. But at the end of that scene he stops and begins to hear the diagnosis from the doctors repeat over in his head. He sees a ball roll towards him and as he reaches for it he is met with a child and a full shot her mother pulling her away and non-diegetic music plays as he begins to think about Paula and his life slipping away.  (32:30min-34:00min)

In conclusion, the film was successful in showing genuine emotion and terror about a man with only a few days to live to find who murdered him.  I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a great film noir classic experience.

Here are some more great and majorscenes from the film.

D.O.A.-Dead On Arrival

VIDEO FILM CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fMDJ6pwSfo

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  1. Amy Herzog on December 21, 2011 4:00 pm

    Great choice! So glad you watched this!

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