Written in the Wind-Love the charaters

October 28th, 2011

The movie in my opinion was one of the best films we watched so far.  I really enjoyed the melodramatic intensity from the very beginning to the full circle finish, which I love by the way.  In the beginning of the movie it showed Kyle show up in his yellow sports car, and then showing him later staggering out of the house which shows the end of the film from the outside of the house which to me is so powerful because throughout the entire movie, to me, it leaves the audience pondering throughout the film “When will this scene arise once more?” Then of course the gunshot heard off-screen was quite intriguing also.

The movie had a lot of main points subjects discussed such as alcoholism, back stabbing, jealous rage, family power, miscarriage, a man being infertile, and of course nymphomania.

I also enjoyed the scenes most when she meets the two male main characters Mitch and Kyle.  When Mitch and Lucy meet, the way the close-up showed Mitch noticing Lucy’s legs.  It emphasizes to me, the feelings Mitch had for Lucy long before the meeting with Kyle. Then there was the meeting between Kyle and Lucy at the high class restaurant, which was simply a scene, was wonderful use of tracking and close-ups to show the emotion of the two characters.

And finally the wild meeting between Lucy and of the second main female character, the catty, sex obsessed, nymphomaniac sister Marylee.  When she was brushing her hair, she walked in and began to talk very arrogantly to Lucy, and when Lucy answered her she said “Please I’m allergic to politeness” suggesting to me she’s cocky and rude, but yet showing Lucy’s character and demeanor towards Marylee.

When Marylee says a disrespectful comment towards Lucy’s relationship with her brother Lucy said “Excuse me while I brush you out of my hair”. While cutting away from Marylee to a MCU Lucy’s turning around and brushing her hair.  And ending that scene with Marylee’s pure frustration by pouring the drink in the flower vase before leaving. 


 This showed me how Lucy can resist Marylee’s intense insinuating while telling her lies and trying to manipulate her, by resisting with conviction. This is mirroring when later she does it to her brother, and Kyle did not have that same conviction,which untimely led to an ending tragedy.


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