CANE…Blazing Fireplace

September 23rd, 2011


The scene that I choose is the fireplace scene. When the film maker shoots Mr. Cane in front of the fireplace in the living of the house. The shot is showing all the power had and lost. The scene really captures the enormity of the fireplace to me showing the power he has over his wife and empire. The scene then shows when he enters that his wife is always working on a new puzzle. This to tells me that she is bored and yearns to use her mind for more then it’s being allowed, which untimely lead to her strengthening her mind’s problem solving skills. This time allowed for her to realize she could solve her own life’s puzzle. This would be leaving Mr. Cane the same way he decided to leave his first wife.


The scene also plays with the use of sound. When he enters the scene he has to yell just so his wife can hear him showing the distance between husband and wife. The use of depth of field was used heavily in this scene whenever he entered and when he sat in the chair it showed distance between characters. Also the yelling in the scene was so loud and obscure that it provided a bit of comic relief for the scene. This scene almost mirrors the beautifully crafted breakfast montage of Mr. Cane’s first marriage.


There were repeated techniques used throughout the movie such as backlighting, long takes, framing and looks of realism. The use of the newspaper headlines to connect a scene to another scene. Also it had a cartoon map which to me used a completely different movie concept in its self. The use of time in the movie, the way that the snow built up on the sled. Also the low angle shots in the scene after the scandal in the office in the stairwell. The scene when Mr. Canes meets his second wife and they share a “gaze”, that really showed and conveyed the emotions between the two characters.

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  1. Francesca Scaturro on October 21, 2011 12:06 am

    You mentioned some important things that I didn’t even think about. The size of the fireplace compared to his wife does show his power over her, and in a sense shows how he prizes materialistic things over his wife. Towards the end of the movie Kane doesn’t even interact with his wife, and everything hey try to talk about turns into an argument. This scene is very important in showing how distant they grew. It’s a sad scene because he’s already lost his first marriage because of Susan Alexander, and now this relationship is going to the ground as well.

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