The Public…Full Circles

September 9th, 2011


I personally felt that the clip shown on the first film integrated with sound ” The Jazz Singer” was quite impressive. i feel that the fact they could even formulate a plan to execute such a dramatic quality for the sake of cinema was extraordinary. Although the movie that began it all was a bit prujuice so was all of American culture. I felt that the sound matching was almost perfect for something that before that film was only a plan. I can also appreciate the history involved in the making of such a historic film.


The Gangster movie we watched The Public Enemy was one of the first black and white gangster films i have watched with such intensity. The film had very strong and vivid view points and characters such deep dimension. The way that the screen faded out into black to go into each screen was also very unique. I also enjoyed the comic relief when the main actor would nugg his loved ones to show his love without expression. The actors movements and gestures really capture the portrial of the character.


I also enjoyed the way that the movie almost mirrored itself from beginning to end. In the beginning it showed the children getting beat up for stealing and misbehaving with little consider for consequence. It also shows the relationship the main character had with women by tripping the older sister of on of the boys on purpose. Then when the boys get older they show the manifestation of them stealing in their teenage years for personal gain to them getting involved with organized crime later in their twenty’s. This is when the womanizing began and the power from the parents and their previous leader shift to the individuals.


They began mirroring the early scenes by beating up bartenders or anyone who gets in their way of business and money. Also later in the movie the main charater abuses the women he’s with which manifest his treatment of them from earlier years. but later in the film he himself is abused or taken advantage of by a woman which shows that full circle effect of realization.


The movie in it self was very expressive with many of the sceens from the two partners getting set by the leader of the organized crime to the off screen killing of the horse. A very powerful movie. But what I wonder is why the main charater didnt get back up before he went into the bar to kill the the opposeing mobb. I feel maybe things would have been diffrent.

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