December 6th, 2011

I would first like to say that I could not pick a scene from the movie.  The film in its entirety is a flashback so to me the clip I would choose is the entire film.  I feel that this movie was amazing and captivating.  The name of the film is “D.O.A”, it was wonderfullyproduced by Leo C. Popkin and directed by Rudolph Mate in 1950 by United Artists.  This movie is also in a film noir classic genre.

The movie was shot in the streets of San Francisco, California, and was a stolen shot, which means they had no city permits to film the movie. Which I think sets the scene right within its element.  The surrounding buildings and people the entire atmosphere for the film is genuine. In turn during the film when the actors would bump into people they really where city civilians.  I think that this is one of the reasons why this movie was so striking real to me.

Because I can’t choose a scene I am going to quickly analysis a few of my favorites.

The first shot I would like to mention first is the opening scene. Which is a medium, handheld shot of the main character Frank walking towards and into a police station’s homicide office, with the camera facing the back of his head and upper back. This is a fantastic and genius way to open the film to the audience because not only is it the opening scene it is also where the actors names and title of the movie appear in large white print.  It sets the stage of curiosity for the entire film, like wondering where and why. (0:00min-1:24min)

Also here’s the next scene, the scene when the flashback begins and we are introduced to the two main characters Frank and Paula.  After Paula finds out that Frank wants to go on vacation without her she storms off in her office.  The scene when he enters her office is quite rare shot in my opinion, the male.  The director really captured Frank’s emotions in the close and close-up shots when he’s trying to get Paula’s attention and affection, instead it of having the close-up on Paula.  Also Paula’s gaze to me was full of so much emotion that it had me feeling bad for a character without even knowing who she was in the film. The female gaze is just as powerful as the male gaze in my opinion. Her gaze to me told a story of their history together as he told her reasons why he needs to go alone, and she untimely melts in his arms, kisses him and he asks her out for a drink and reply’s casually “Why not?”. Its tells me they have a history together. This to me showed me that she was head over heel in love with him, forgiving and was easily persuaded by him. All with just a gaze. (4:40min-6:46min)


Another scene was further in the movie when he discovers that he been infected with the luminous poison and he runs out of the hospital.  The running scenes are classic the way they fade in an out, overlapping and having different backgrounds while still maintaining the actors speed throughout the entire scene. But at the end of that scene he stops and begins to hear the diagnosis from the doctors repeat over in his head. He sees a ball roll towards him and as he reaches for it he is met with a child and a full shot her mother pulling her away and non-diegetic music plays as he begins to think about Paula and his life slipping away.  (32:30min-34:00min)

In conclusion, the film was successful in showing genuine emotion and terror about a man with only a few days to live to find who murdered him.  I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a great film noir classic experience.

Here are some more great and majorscenes from the film.

D.O.A.-Dead On Arrival

VIDEO FILM CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fMDJ6pwSfo

Invasion of the PODS!!!! =D

November 21st, 2011

I know its late but I could not help but give my opinion on the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  It was a mix of communism war terror and terror of the unknown. The movie itself was very impressively made for a movie so early in the film history.  The use of the pods and foaming bubbles really gave that uncertainty effect of that they actually where. 

 It foreshadowed the eeriness of the movie and gave the audience a sense of unknowingly fear for what may come next.

One of my favorite scenes by far, was the scene when they were hiding from the towns people in the office and when they awoke early the next morning to find the town and police acting strange.  The use of the cameras high angle long shot gave that sense of being in the room with them looking through the window at this strange behavior. The use of few close-ups on the actually actions of the people allowed it that unnerving feeling of seeing a large group of people gathering slowly for all directions.

I also loved the use of the abundant amount of pods used to help give the audience tha sense of horror of how bad things can get in the film.  It also showed a huge turning point of the film to me because it lets them realize that there may be no way out because the police where involved, a sense of fear and escape.

Then last but not least the use of dialogue when Jack their friend and the doctor who helped them early in the film, came upstairs and told the two characters what was to become of them of they did not conform.  The way they explained how the town was and how it is now and also how it will be, in a way that was unnerving, using lines like “…Your new bodies are growing in there. They’re taking you over cell for cell, atom for atom……There’s no need for love…Love. Desire, Ambition, Faith Without them, life is so simple, believe me.”  This line to me showed me and the characters, the extent and magnitude of the towns’ problem. The fact that they must escape or live a life without emotion! This then allowed for the dialogue that to me was the best part of the entire film, the realness of the human emotion, “I want to love and be loved. I want your children. I don’t want a world without love or grief or beauty. I’d rather die.”

Wow is all I can say, a line to me that spoke for the audience, humanity and stood against the entire situation at hand.  Very powerful dialogue for this film, also among it the famous line of the film “Look, you fools. You’re in danger. Can’t you see? They’re after you. They’re after all of us. Our wives, our children, everyone. They’re here already. YOU’RE NEXT!”




Written in the Wind-Love the charaters

October 28th, 2011

The movie in my opinion was one of the best films we watched so far.  I really enjoyed the melodramatic intensity from the very beginning to the full circle finish, which I love by the way.  In the beginning of the movie it showed Kyle show up in his yellow sports car, and then showing him later staggering out of the house which shows the end of the film from the outside of the house which to me is so powerful because throughout the entire movie, to me, it leaves the audience pondering throughout the film “When will this scene arise once more?” Then of course the gunshot heard off-screen was quite intriguing also.

The movie had a lot of main points subjects discussed such as alcoholism, back stabbing, jealous rage, family power, miscarriage, a man being infertile, and of course nymphomania.

I also enjoyed the scenes most when she meets the two male main characters Mitch and Kyle.  When Mitch and Lucy meet, the way the close-up showed Mitch noticing Lucy’s legs.  It emphasizes to me, the feelings Mitch had for Lucy long before the meeting with Kyle. Then there was the meeting between Kyle and Lucy at the high class restaurant, which was simply a scene, was wonderful use of tracking and close-ups to show the emotion of the two characters.

And finally the wild meeting between Lucy and of the second main female character, the catty, sex obsessed, nymphomaniac sister Marylee.  When she was brushing her hair, she walked in and began to talk very arrogantly to Lucy, and when Lucy answered her she said “Please I’m allergic to politeness” suggesting to me she’s cocky and rude, but yet showing Lucy’s character and demeanor towards Marylee.

When Marylee says a disrespectful comment towards Lucy’s relationship with her brother Lucy said “Excuse me while I brush you out of my hair”. While cutting away from Marylee to a MCU Lucy’s turning around and brushing her hair.  And ending that scene with Marylee’s pure frustration by pouring the drink in the flower vase before leaving. 


 This showed me how Lucy can resist Marylee’s intense insinuating while telling her lies and trying to manipulate her, by resisting with conviction. This is mirroring when later she does it to her brother, and Kyle did not have that same conviction,which untimely led to an ending tragedy.


Flim Analysis: Umberto D

October 13th, 2011

Scene Analysis: from Umberto D.

(Vittorio De Sica, Italy, 1952)

3.5 Shots from the Umberto’s apartment scene, where we first see his apartment meet the maid and Landlord

  • MS, normal height, straight on. Umberto walks into his room shuts the door with agitation; the room is in disarray; he walks in and fixes the room back to the way he keeps it; Music begins as he prepares his room
  • FS, short take, shot straight on. He walks around the bed; opens shutters; looks for something; the music stops as he walks towards the window; army horn sounds; then as he begins to undress there is a knocking on the door; the maid walks in towards opposite window
  • ELS, high angle, short take. Maid looks out of window and sees army lovers along with many other soldiers; pulls down shade; but continues to look through the shade

The scene starts out with a medium shot of Umberto entering the room with frustration on his face and attempts to shut the door but it seems the wood of the door is slightly old and is giving him a problem shutting the door. There is room tone present. The room has low-key lighting at this point. This begins shows to me the poor condition of the apartment beginning with the door. Then as he enters the room a panning shot begins and the camera follows him panning to the right. Then to a straight on shot of him fixing his bed. He walks over to the window on the right and a full shot is shown of him, the dog and the window. He opens the shutters, closes the window.

The fill light begins to soften some of the rooms shadows. Then as he turns around there is a track out to the front of the bed and another full shot screen left. Fixes his pillow on the bed. He goes to the other window and opens the shutters and closes the window still maintaining a full shot. Places money bag on the desk, hangs up his hat and coat.  He is wearing a black suit with black shoes.  This shows me he likes to look presentable and proper. He pats himself down finds something the music stops , and he goes towards the window he puts on his glasses, uses the sunlight to see what is in his hand. Then, it zooms into a medium shot of him at the window.  Takes his glasses off. Then an army horn sounds as he walks out of the scene towards the right.

Umberto begins to take off his jacket when the maid walks in the door and enters without knocking. This also is a frame within a frame. He gets startled and quickly puts his jacket back on.  This shows me he was decency and integrity. The depth of field is slight in this because when she opens the door you can see door of the kitchen behind her and Umberto in the foreground. She walks toward the window, a panning shot to the right towards the window. A medium shot of her at the window looking out. Then an extreme long shot is shown of the street and the soldiers leaving the army base.  In the shot there is a soldier waving at the maid from below. An eye level shot of the maid while she looks out the window. She waves back then back to ELS where the soldier is now accompanied by other soldier, and they begin to argue.  She ducks down not to be seen and opens the window and closes the shade and they break into a fight.  Then the ELS again now with the shade. There is a cut away shot to Umberto.  She calls to Umberto to come and see the two men through the shade.

  • CU, shot slightly from below, two shot. Umberto and maid begin to converse with the light of the shade peeking through and the sunbeam lines on their faces (The shot, and scene continues, but my analysis ends here…)

It is a two shot; close up of the both of them.  The sunbeams on their faces as they discuss the staution.  This gives the conversation that feeling of being ashamed, uncertainty and slight sadness. They have a conversation about the two men that she showed him.  She tells him that the one of the two men could be the father to her unborn child.

This scene really sets the mood for the movie by letting us get to know the character by seeing his room and also by letting us know what kind of station faces the maid which puts a burden on the audience which lets them think about her problem while also focuses in on Umberto’s.  The director used a lot f shadowing to emphasize the time period and mood of the movie.  Also there was use of depth of field when the maid opened the door into the apartment. 

The scene of the two men in the army suggests that they have no control over the station and knowing of who the father is.  The small size of their appearance tells me that she is the one in question and the one who suffer the repercussions.  Also the way the Umberto was talking to her was almost that of a father figure and the look he gave was of so much concern.

The Phantom of the Opera Best Muscial Movie

October 3rd, 2011

THE LIGHTS GO OUT…….The way that the scene is set up was so perfect…Entering the Mirror.The playful use of light is fantastic. The way that they put her in the mirror and the phantom at the same time as if they are one.  I- love this movie for its camera effects along side with the costumes and set design.

September 23rd, 2011

 Meat LOVE!!! lol…….Sizzle….Love the music

September 23rd, 2011

Darkness….Watch and let me know how u felt about it….Enjoy

CANE…Blazing Fireplace

September 23rd, 2011


The scene that I choose is the fireplace scene. When the film maker shoots Mr. Cane in front of the fireplace in the living of the house. The shot is showing all the power had and lost. The scene really captures the enormity of the fireplace to me showing the power he has over his wife and empire. The scene then shows when he enters that his wife is always working on a new puzzle. This to tells me that she is bored and yearns to use her mind for more then it’s being allowed, which untimely lead to her strengthening her mind’s problem solving skills. This time allowed for her to realize she could solve her own life’s puzzle. This would be leaving Mr. Cane the same way he decided to leave his first wife.


The scene also plays with the use of sound. When he enters the scene he has to yell just so his wife can hear him showing the distance between husband and wife. The use of depth of field was used heavily in this scene whenever he entered and when he sat in the chair it showed distance between characters. Also the yelling in the scene was so loud and obscure that it provided a bit of comic relief for the scene. This scene almost mirrors the beautifully crafted breakfast montage of Mr. Cane’s first marriage.


There were repeated techniques used throughout the movie such as backlighting, long takes, framing and looks of realism. The use of the newspaper headlines to connect a scene to another scene. Also it had a cartoon map which to me used a completely different movie concept in its self. The use of time in the movie, the way that the snow built up on the sled. Also the low angle shots in the scene after the scandal in the office in the stairwell. The scene when Mr. Canes meets his second wife and they share a “gaze”, that really showed and conveyed the emotions between the two characters.

The Public…Full Circles

September 9th, 2011


I personally felt that the clip shown on the first film integrated with sound ” The Jazz Singer” was quite impressive. i feel that the fact they could even formulate a plan to execute such a dramatic quality for the sake of cinema was extraordinary. Although the movie that began it all was a bit prujuice so was all of American culture. I felt that the sound matching was almost perfect for something that before that film was only a plan. I can also appreciate the history involved in the making of such a historic film.


The Gangster movie we watched The Public Enemy was one of the first black and white gangster films i have watched with such intensity. The film had very strong and vivid view points and characters such deep dimension. The way that the screen faded out into black to go into each screen was also very unique. I also enjoyed the comic relief when the main actor would nugg his loved ones to show his love without expression. The actors movements and gestures really capture the portrial of the character.


I also enjoyed the way that the movie almost mirrored itself from beginning to end. In the beginning it showed the children getting beat up for stealing and misbehaving with little consider for consequence. It also shows the relationship the main character had with women by tripping the older sister of on of the boys on purpose. Then when the boys get older they show the manifestation of them stealing in their teenage years for personal gain to them getting involved with organized crime later in their twenty’s. This is when the womanizing began and the power from the parents and their previous leader shift to the individuals.


They began mirroring the early scenes by beating up bartenders or anyone who gets in their way of business and money. Also later in the movie the main charater abuses the women he’s with which manifest his treatment of them from earlier years. but later in the film he himself is abused or taken advantage of by a woman which shows that full circle effect of realization.


The movie in it self was very expressive with many of the sceens from the two partners getting set by the leader of the organized crime to the off screen killing of the horse. A very powerful movie. But what I wonder is why the main charater didnt get back up before he went into the bar to kill the the opposeing mobb. I feel maybe things would have been diffrent.

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September 5th, 2011

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